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L601 Direct Assistance Information

Background: The L-594-601 Missouri River Left Bank Levee System experienced significant damage during the 2019 Flood Event.  This led to four (4) breaches, along with substantial other damages, occurring throughout the Levee System.

Current Action: The L-601 Levee System is no longer active in the PL 84-99 program, making it ineligible for rehabilitation assistance.  However, a priority breach impacting the I-29 corridor was identified and determined eligible for emergency operations flood fighting direct assistance.  The construction contract for this direct assistance flood fighting effort was awarded on 14 May 2019.  These initial repairs are directed at stopping the flow from the Missouri River into the area behind the levee system and providing an incremental level of flood risk management. 

Emergency Flood Fighting Operations:


Direct Assistance Repair - 2.5 mi NW of Bartlett, IA


Newt Marine Service of Dubuque, IA

Contract Amount


Contract Award

May 14, 2019

  Construction Start

May 15,2019


Update pending due to recent high water.










Next Steps:

Due to this levee system no longer being active in the PL 84-99 program, the system is currently not eligible for repairs or rehabilitation efforts beyond the priority breach closures.

Status Update:

08 July 2019 – The initial breach closure was completed on 03 July 2019.  Contractor continues to complete widening and raising the sand berm. The team has identified four (4) additional breaches for repair efforts.

11 June 2019 – Three 12" dredges are on site and actively dredging to repair the priority breach to the 25-yr water surface elevation.

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L601 Levee Imagery

Photo documents overtopping of levee L601 near Glenwood, IA Mar. 15, 2019, which resulted from a a major runoff event. (Photo by USACE, Omaha District)

Video Gallery

Aerial View of Levee L601 Apr. 15, 2019
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
April 15, 2019 | 11:24
Aerial view of Levee L601 Apr. 15, 2019, following March 2019 runoff event. (Video by Mike Glasch)