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Keystone XL Project (KXL Project 2017)

The revised Keystone XL Project (KXL Project 2017) is a proposal by TransCanada to construct and operate a crude oil pipeline and related facilities at the international border.  The pipeline would continue into the United States to transport crude oil from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the Williston Basin to existing pipeline facilities near Steele City, Nebraska for the onward transport to markets in the Texas Gulf Coast area (Figure 1). The previously proposed KXL Project (KXL Project 2012) extended further south to a proposed tank farm in Cushing, Oklahoma and to delivery points in the Port Arthur and east Houston areas of Texas. The southern portion of the KXL Project, now titled the TransCanada Gulf Coast Pipeline KXL Project, was determined to have independent utility and is no longer a part of the KXL Project. The revised KXL Project is proposed to cross the states of Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska, all within the Corps’ Omaha District (NWO).  A portion of the Nebraska segment of the pipeline has been re-routed to avoid the sandhills area.  KXL is anticipated to be 875 miles long within the continental U.S., with an initial capacity of 830,000 barrels per day.