US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

Fact Sheets

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Hunting and Fishing

Many of the public lands around the lakes and rivers are open to hunting, except for developed recreation areas. Maps of government boundaries are available for ordering. Click here to place an order.

Important Links:

The following links will provide you with important hunting and fishing information including facts on licensing and regulations.

Public lands offer a great place for sportsmen to hunt pheasants, grouse, partridge, turkey, waterfowl and deer. Wildlife management areas around lake. and other areas may be allow trapping/snaring please refer to the regulations that are established and enforced by the State of North Dakota.

The Corps of Engineers has certain project restrictions for areas it directly operates (buildings, recreation, and day use areas) for hunting, trapping, and snaring.

Boat Ramps

Lake Oahe boat ramp information is updated as conditions change. Please check regularly for any changes before making travel plans.

Ramps that are in service have approximately three feet or more of water above the bottom ramp elevation. When the water level falls below the bottom ramp elevation plus the three feet requirement, the ramp is closed.

Boaters should always use their own judgment when deciding to launch from any ramp.

Boating and Recreation Maps of government boundaries for Lake Oahe are available online. Hard copies are available to purchase. They are also available for order thru Jefferson National Parks Association.