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 Hydropower at Garrison
Since its opening in 1960, Garrison Dam has provided the hydropower and flood control potential envisioned by Colonel Pick and others who directed its development.  USACE has worked with the Bureau of Reclamation to use Garrison pool to irrigate 250,000 acres.  The Garrison Dam has also provided a steady flow of water for navigation as well as generating hydropower.

The power plant has five generating units that produce an annual average 2.6 million mega-watt hours of electricity, valued in excess of $39 million in revenue. Electricity is transmitted from the power plant through seven transmission lines to various substations and is marketed by Western Area Power Administration.

 Characteristics and Value

Characteristics and Value


5 Francis Turbines, 90 rpm

Nameplate Capacity

583.3 MW

· 3 units: 121.6 MW

· 2 units: 109.3 MW

Percent of NWO Capacity


Average Gross Head Available

161 ft

Number & size of conduits

5-29’ dia.- 25’ penstocks

Surge Tanks

65’ dia. - 2 per penstock

Discharge Capacity

150 feet at 41,000 cfs

Average annual energy

2,259 M kWh

Hydropower Master Plan

The Omaha District has prepared a Hydropower Master Plan outlining the future requirements for sustaining our hydropower mission capability. A strategic master plan will guide future programming and funding for all hydropower sustainment, rehabilitation, and modernization requirements in a way that provides predictable funding and maximizes efficiencies to ensure the long-term resilience and reliability of this critical national infrastructure.

Hydropower Master Plan Book Cover