Project Reports

Draft Environmental Assessment - Surplus Water Use for Gavins Point Dam/Lewis & Clark Lake, NE/SD for Domestic Waterline

Published June 29, 2018
Expiration date: 7/30/2018

Summary: The proposed project consists of placing a two-horsepower sprinkler pump on a concrete pad, elevated two feet above the ground, against the south bank of a dry ravine located in Lot 2 of the Bon Homme North Subdivision adjacent to Lewis & Clark Lake, and laying a one and one-half inch flexible rubber intake line along the ground from the pump intake to just offshore of the Lewis & Clark Lake. The intake line would be fitted with an intake filter to minimize entrainment of debris and aquatic organisms. An electrical cord would run along the ground from the pump to an electrical outlet located on private property.

Geographic Scope: Gavins Point Dam/Lewis and Clark Lake, NE/SD

Impacts: None

Decision/Date: Made following close of public comment period.