Project Reports

Draft EA - Rehabilitation at Bluestem and Antelope Creek Dam

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
Published April 19, 2019

The draft EA evaluates the environmental impacts of installing filters to address potential seepage issues at Bluestem Dam (located approximately two miles west of Sprague) and Antelope Creek Dam, also known as Holmes Lake (located within the City of Lincoln between South 56th Street and South 70th Street).

The proposed construction activities outlined in the draft EA include excavating earthen material around the conduit on the downstream slope of each dam and installing a filter of granular material along the conduit to allow for the filtered exit of any potential seepage. Risk reduction measures will be incorporated into the design to address seepage concerns during excavation. These proposed modifications are structural only and will not change the operation of the dam for water control or flood risk management.

This draft EA is consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended, the Council on Environmental Quality’s regulations for implementing NEPA (40 CFR 1500-1508), the Corps’ regulations for implementing NEPA (33 CFR 325 and Engineering Regulation 200-2-2) and other applicable environmental laws and regulations.