Project Reports

Draft EA - Sewer and Water Replacement Project, City of Medina, Stutsman County, ND

Published Aug. 24, 2018
Expiration date: 9/24/2018

Summary: The proposed project would include replacing sewer infrastructure that dates back to the 1940s to include brick manholes and clay pipe sewer mains. By replacing the sewer system, the City would mitigate potential health and safety hazards by eliminating deteriorated and unsafe manholes, broken pipe, and offset joints that create blockages within the sewer system. Also included in the project is the replacement of deteriorated and undersized water mains and service lines, inoperable hydrants, gate valves and curb stops. Replacing the water infrastructure will reduce operation and maintenance costs, and allow the City to provide adequate fire protection and quality drinking water to its residents by adhering to water quality standards.   

Geographic Scope: City of Medina, Stutsman County, North Dakota

Decision/Date: Made following close of public comment period.