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Project Reports

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Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment - MHA Cultural Interpretive Center Project

Posted: 3/1/2018

Expiration date: 3/31/2018

Summary: The purpose of the proposed project is to increase the size of the cultural interpretive center by approximately 15,000 square feet, construct a 500-seat amphitheater adjacent to the interpretive center, alter the location of the proposed parking areas, and install an on-site septic treatment system that would discharge treated sanitary effluent to Lake Sakakawea. The revised plans would result in approximately four additional acres of disturbance that were not evaluated as part of the original 10 acres described in the 2005 EA.

Geographic Scope: Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in McKenzie County, North Dakota

Impacts: None

Decision/Date: Made following close of public comment period.

Fort Berthold