Casper, WY: Former Casper Army Airfield

Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Program

Published April 16, 2015

Location and Description: The site is located seven miles northwest of Casper in Natrona County, Wyoming. The property is now owned by Natrona County and operated as the Natrona County International Airport (NCIA). Casper Air Force Base is generally surrounded by vacant land used primarily for agriculture. The area between the former Casper AFB and the city of Casper along U.S. Highway 20/26 includes light industrial, commercial, residential, and ranchland operations. The airport itself includes asphalt-covered ground, a modern terminal building, and hangar structures. Many former Casper AFB buildings still exist and are leased to occupants for light industrial, commercial, and residential use. 

Problem and Response: Perform site characterization and risk screening activities to determine the presence and general extent of potential soil, shallow groundwater, and down gradient surface water/sediment contamination associated with past military operations. The goal is to evaluate the potential need for further site characterization or remedial action. Conduct a surface and subsurface investigation of the area around the historic landfill to confirm the presence, and assess the general nature and extent, of previously detected contamination of elevated metals and organic constituents in soil and groundwater. 

Activities for 2015: Field work for two areas of concern has been completed and expanded site inspection and remedial investigation reports are on schedule to be finished by June 2015. 

Proposed Activities for 2016: If necessary, additional site characterizations will be undertaken to perform a remedial action effort. 

Issues and Other Information: WDEQ is advocating for a remedial action if results from the remedial investigation indicate contamination exceeds the maximum contaminant levels. The biggest challenge will be to satisfy WDEQ and EPA concerns regarding the possible contaminated groundwater.