Wilber, NE: Former Lincoln Air Force Base, Atlas Missile Site 9

Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Program

Published April 7, 2015

Location and Description: The former Lincoln Air Force Base Atlas Missile Site 9 is located approximately six miles west of Wilber, Neb. The Department of Defense acquired the launch area and surrounding grounds, which consist of approximately 245 acres, through purchase and condemnation procedures between 1960 and 1964. The fenced launch area comprises about 18.5 acres and consists of an empty, abandoned missile silo and other associated structures. The area surrounding the silo has been used primarily for storage of farm equipment, abandoned automobiles, and other miscellaneous items. Open land outside the fence has been used for farming and cattle grazing.

All above ground structures, except the pump houses for two production wells, have been demolished. The site was deactivated and turned over to the General Services Administration in 1996. The project is in the groundwater Monitoring Natural Attenuation (MNA) long-term management phase. In addition to the annual groundwater sampling/MNA activity, the activity at the site will also include a bioremediation groundwater project.

Activities for 2015: Annual groundwater monitoring/MNA report submitted to Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. In-house sampling crews will conduct annual ground water sampling. Secure a contract for the groundwater bioremediation project to reduce lingering concentrations of volatile organic compound trichloroethylene.

Proposed Activities for 2016: Complete and submit the annual groundwater monitoring/MNA report. Submit work plans for the bioremediation activity for regulatory agency review. Initiate implementation of work plan activities.