Offutt Air Force Base, NE: United States Strategic Command

Offutt Air Force Base

Published April 6, 2015

Located at Offutt Air Force Base, NE, this is a multi-story facility (915,794 square feet) that will include reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, a structural steel frame, single membrane roof, utilities, fire detection/protection, pavements and parking lots, access road, communications support, site improvements, landscaping and all other necessary support infrastructure.

The command and control facility is shielded from a High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse and designed to survive an EF-5 tornado. The design basis threat and protection exceeds the minimum Department of Defense force protection standards.

The facility will support a 3,754-person workforce that includes staffing of the Command and Control facility, mainframe computer and data center spaces, and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility spaces. The project provides Uninterruptible Power Source capability backed up by base generators, 24-hour mission operation centers, and a theater-type auditorium with a 400-person capacity, food service space and adequate parking.

The United States Strategic Command is tasked with the vital roles of strategic deterrence and ensuring U.S. freedom of action in space and cyberspace in support of the Nation’s defense.

  • Congressionally Authorized Programmed Amount FY12 National Defense Authorization Act: $564M. Congressionally Authorized Re- Programmed Amount $601 million. Contract Award Date was August 16, 2012 to Kiewit/Phelps.

  • Initial operational capability will not occur until after the United States Strategic Command installs and estimated $500 million of equipment and furnishings, and command and control mission essential equipment. The United States Strategic Command has developed a plan to efficiently transition mission and people into the facility while ensuring zero mission degradation.

  • Current Construction Status = 40% complete. The contractor is currently ahead of schedule.