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Ice Fishing Access Policy

1. Licensed, motorized vehicles must use existing public roads for entering and leaving ice fishing access areas. Some public roads often drift closed with snow and will not be plowed open. In these instances, operating a motor vehicle off-road to obtain access is not allowed.

2. This policy targets that period of the calendar year in which Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon freeze over and until April 1 following the freeze over date or until the lake becomes ice free, whichever occurs first. This policy shall be re-evaluated on an annual basis to implement changes needed based upon fluctuating reservoir elevations.

3. Any winter activity performed on the ice can be hazardous and requires extreme caution. The Corps of Engineers does not encourage or recommend driving on ice at any time. Thin ice or open water may exist anywhere throughout the entire Garrison Project, and pressure ridges occur throughout the winter.

4. All Title 36 Regulations apply to the Ice Fishing Access Sites on Garrison Project lands.

5. ND Game & Fish WMA Regulations apply within all Wildlife Management Areas located on Corps lands around the reservoir. Additionally, ND Game & Fish has specific regulations pertaining to the use of ice/fish/spearing houses within the State of North Dakota.

6. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service rules and regulations apply to all access points to Lake Audubon within the Lake Audubon National Wildlife Refuge. Please contact Lake Audubon NWR Headquarters for information concerning these access points.

7. Attached is a List of the Ice Fishing Access Sites Open for Use on Garrison Project. This policy shall remain in effect unless rescinded by the Operations Project Manager.

Ice Fishing Access Areas

1. The following boat ramps: Beaver Bay, Beulah Bay, Charging Eagle Bay, Camp of the Cross, Confluence Area Ramp, Dakota Waters Resort, Deepwater Creek Bay (Corps ramp), Deepwater Creek Bay (G&F ramp), Douglas Creek Bay, Douglas Creek WMA (Ziegler's), Fort Stevenson State Park, Four Bears Park, Garrison Creek Cabin Site, Government Bay, Hazen Bay, Indian Hills, Lake Sakakawea State Park, Lewis & Clark Bridge Ramp, Lewis & Clark State Park, Little Beaver Bay, Little Missouri, Little Field Bay, Lund's Landing (Whitetail Bay), McKenzie Bay, Parshall Bay (Primitive Ramp), Pouch Point, Sanish Bay (Aftem Ramp), Skunk Creek Bay, Sportsmen's Centennial Park, Spring Creek Cabin Site, Steinke Bay, Tobacco Garden Bay, Van Hook, White Earth Bay, West Totten Trail, Wolf Creek Recreation Area, Wolf Creek WMA (East ramp).

2. All open shoreline access sites: Beaver Bay (low-water ramp), Deadman's Bay (West wolf creek), Deepwater Creek Bay (FishNCamp Court), Deepwater Creek Bay WMA (Low Water), Four Bears Area, Pebble Beach, Pouch Point Recreation Area, Renner Bay (East side), South Garrison near Owls site (Foot traffic only), Wolf Creek WMA (East Area), Wolf Creek Recreation Area (Low Water).

3. Other access areas: Antelope Creek WMA, East access road adjacent Sakakawea Estates Cabin Site, Hofflund Bay WMA (East), Lake Sakakawea State Park (Fishing point Long Creek Cabin Site), North side of Little Knife Cabin Site, Red Mike Cabin Site, Wolf Creek Site 67, DeTrobriand Bay (South of Garrison Golf Course).

4. Areas open after December 12: Lewis & Clark WMA (Magnum Point).

5. List of other areas in close proximity to Lake Sakakawea:

a) Little Muddy:
i. Thompson Landing boat ramp.
ii. Crossroads of 13th Avenue East and 42nd Street East.
b) Other Areas:
i. Lewis & Clark WMA (West River Access RM 1563.75).
ii. Lewis & Clark WMA (Pump house).
iii. Trenton WMA (Big timber).

6. Lake Audubon Areas:

a) Lake Audubon NWR:
i. 4 accesses located along the auto tour route.
ii. 1 access just north of the McClusky Canal.
iii. 1 access in the northeast comer of the refuge.
b) ND Game & Fish Audubon WMA:
i. 3-Mile Comer boat ramp.
ii. Snake Creek boat ramp and Snake Creek North Arm boat ramp.
iii. Lane boat ramp.
iv. Turtle Lake boat ramp.
v. Kinn Farm boat ramp.

7. Spillway Pond – foot traffic only.