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North Dakota Jurisdictional Determinations

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DA NumberProject NameEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending Order
NWO-2011-1641-BISGHD/Smart Sand, Inc., New Town, Mountrail County8/3/2018
NWO-2018-1296-BISDixon Badlands Trust, Dixon Pond, McKenzie County7/17/2018
NWO-2018-0861-BISWalsh County, Walsh 12B Gravel Reconstruction, PCN 21474, Walsh County7/12/2018
NWO-2018-1056-BISMinot Park District, Trestle View Golf Course, Ward County7/11/2018
NWO-2014-2680-BISHettinger Municipal Airport Authority, Hettinger Airport, Adams County7/9/2018
NWO-2018-0802-BISHess Corporation, Hess RS-State Well Pad, Mountrail County6/26/2018
NWO-2012-2436-BISBNSF/TKDA, Northgate, Burke County6/20/2018
NWO-2018-0845-BISRichland County, PCN 22036, Bridge Replacement6/13/2018


Bottineau County, HLC-0500(003), PCN 21676, CER-052(056), Bottineau County6/5/2018


Bottineau County, CMC 0547/Hwy 47 Shoulder Widening, PCN 21676, Bottineau County6/5/2018
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