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Environmental Impact Statement - Seaman Water Supply Project


The City of Greeley, Colorado, proposes to expand its existing Milton Seaman Reservoir, located on the North Fork Cache la Poudre River, from approximately 5,000 acre-feet to approximately 53,000 acre feet to provide additional municipal and industrial water supply. In 2006, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Regulatory Branch began preparing a combined Environmental Impact Statement for the Seaman Water Supply Project and the City of Fort Collins' proposed expansion of Halligan Reservoir which is also on the North Fork Cache la Poudre River.

Several contributing factors including differing study schedules led Fort Collins and Greeley to request that the two projects be separated and independently evaluated. USACE carefully considered the request and on January 15, 2015, determined that it is appropriate and in the best interest of all involved to independently evaluate them as two separate projects. The scopes of the two projects and the issues identified in the initial scoping process remain essentially the same therefore, additional public scoping meetings are not required.

The City of Greeley has proposed to review and revise the Purpose and Need Report and the Preliminary Draft Alternatives Screening Report.

EIS Milestones
Publish Notice of Intent to Prepare Draft EIS
Feb. 1, 2006
Public Scoping
May 30, 2006
Draft EIS *Late 2017
Final EIS *Late 2018

*These are target timeframes.

This Environmental Impact Statement is not currently in a period of public comment.

The documents associated with it are currently being transitioned to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters Digital Library.

Once the transition is complete, the documents will be made available here.

EIS Milestones
Publish Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS
Sept. 17, 2003
Public Scoping
Nov. 7, 2003
Publish Notice of Availability of Draft EIS
Oct. 30, 2009
Draft EIS Comments Due
March 17, 2010
Publish Notice of Availability of Final EIS
Projected Release February 2014*
Permit Decision Projected Decision Spring 2015*