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Posted 11/24/2015

Release no. 20151124-001

Eileen Williamson


Becky Latka

OMAHA, NE - Following the November 9 public hearing hosted by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers, Omaha District, the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR)  has withdrawn their permit application for the Nebraska Highway 12 - Niobrara East and West project under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.

In a press release, NDOR cited public involvement as the reason for withdrawing the permit. "The public made it clear in voicing their concerns that an alternate solution should be sought.  Public concerns about Alternative A7 included hardships on landowners and current farm and ranch operations within the valley if it was pursued. The public also commented on the potential for shading, icing and snow removal challenges with any alternate located directly adjacent to the bluffs," said NDOR officials.

The Corps' public comment period was scheduled to close yesterday.

With the withdrawal of the application, the Corps will notify Federal, Tribal, State and local cooperating agencies that the Draft EIS will be in a pending status.

Project manager for the N-12 Draft EIS, Becky Latka said, "A decision regarding N-12 Alignment A7 is not required because the application was withdrawn. We will notify the Tribes and public and all cooperating agencies once a new permit application is submitted."