US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

L624 Levee Restoration Information

Background: The L-624 Missouri River Left Bank, Indian Creek Left Bank, and Mosquito Creek Right Bank Levee System was damaged during the 2019 Flood Event, leading to the Project Sponsor submitting a Public Law (PL) 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance request to the US Army Corps of Engineers – Omaha District.

Current Action: Finalizing the damage assessment and economic analysis report.  This will allow the USACE team to communicate to the sponsor if any damages to the L-624 levee system are eligible for PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance.  However, due to the continued high water levels of the Missouri River it is likely that a follow-on damage assessment will be required to inspect areas of the level that are currently underwater.

Next Steps:

  1. Communicate to the Sponsor the findings of the initial site damage assessment and economic analysis.
  2. If repairs are eligible for PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance, then design funding will be requested.
  3. If repairs are not PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance, then the USACE team will work with the Sponsor to determine if technical assistance is desired to help repair the damaged levee system.
  4. Conduct a follow-on damage assessment of the levee once the Missouri River water levels recede to determine if there is more damage to the levee system that is eligible for PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance.

Status Updates:

16 July 2019 – Final Determination on project eligibility is on-going.  The team anticipates contacting the sponsor with an eligibility determination in the upcoming few weeks.

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L624 Levee Imagery

Missouri River high water against the L-624 levee system. Photo captured south of Lake Manawa on May 29, 2019.
Missouri River and Mosquito Creek high water on May 29, 2019. Photo captured looking North, just south of the Mid-American Power Plant.

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