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South Dakota Jurisdictional Determinations

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DA NumberProject NameEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending Order
NWO-2018-1168-PIEViereck Brandon Subdivision, Minnehaha County7/27/2018
NWO-2018-1172-PIETheatre Road Reconstruction near Lemmon, Perkins County7/25/2018
NWO-2017-2229-PIEGCC of America Dewey Limestone Mine Project, Custer County7/25/2018
NWO-2018-1210-PIEInterstate Crossings Development in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County7/24/2018
NWO-2018-1169-PIEPine Knoll Property in Western Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County7/24/2018
NWO-2016-0011_2-PIETimberline Addition 2018, Brookings County7/10/2018
NWO-2018-1062-PIEHoftiezer Real Estate, South of Webster, pothole wetland, Marshall County7/6/2018
NWO-2018-1133-PIEAventure Custom Homes, LLC, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County7/3/2018
NWO-2016-1961-PIERoad reconstruction SD 50 from Vermillion to I-29, PCN 023V, Clay/Union Counties7/3/2018
NWO-2018-1211-PIECity of Sturgis, Reconstruct Lower First Street, Meade County6/29/2018
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