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USACE Offices - Colorado

Colorado Mission Map

The Omaha District is responsible Regulatory Permitting and Civil Works in portions of Colorado and Military Missions across the state. Additionally, the Omaha District is lead district for USACE disaster response missions in Colorado. 

Through its Denver Regulatory office, the Omaha District oversees the Regulatory Permitting Process for the northeastern quarter of Colorado, colored yellow in this map. Regulatory oversight for the state is divided among the Omaha District, the Albuquerque District and the Sacramento District. For counties appearing blue on the map to the right, contact the Sacramento District; for counties appearing orange and green, contact the Albuquerque District.

The Civil Works Mission for the northeastern quarter of Colorado, within the Missouri River and Platte River Watershed is led by the Omaha District. The the Albuquerque District and the Sacramento District divide the Civil Works Mission for western and southern portions of Colorado.

Contacting the Denver Regulatory Office

Each county in the area of responsibility for the Denver Regulatory Office is assigned to specific project teams. Contact the appropriate project team for the county where your property is located.

  • Adams, Denver, Gilpin, Jackson, Kit Carson, and Park Counties
    • Call 720-922-3851
  • Boulder, Broomfield, and Clear Creek Counties
    • Call 720-922-3852
  • Arapahoe, Elbert, Jefferson, Phillips, Washington, and Yuma Counties
    • Call 720-922-3847
  • Douglas, Larimer, Logan, Morgan, and Sedgewick Counties
    • Call 720-922-3841
  • Weld County
    • Call 720-922-3856

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Colorado Contacts

Regulatory Office / Permits
Denver Office
  • Omaha District
  • 9307 South Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Littleton, CO 80128
  • (303) 979-4120
Durango Office (SPA)
Durango Office (SPK)
Grand Junction Office
Pueblo Office (SPA)
Construction/Engineer Offices
Rocky Mountain Area Office 
  • Phone: (719) 570-7797
  • Fax: (719) 570-6808
US Air Force Academy
  • Phone: (719) 333-2975
  • Fax: (719) 333-2979
Air Force Resident Office - Peterson AFB
  • Phone: (719) 556-7424
  • Fax: (719) 556-7115
Denver Resident Office - Buckley AFB
  • Phone: (720) 847-2637
  • Fax: (720) 847-2630
Fort Carson Resident Office
  • Phone: (719) 526-5448
  • Fax: (719) 526-5365
Fort Carson Restationing Office
  • Phone: (719) 526-0532
  • Fax: (719) 526-2436
Project Office
(Dam, Power plant, recreation areas)
Tri-Lakes - Littleton
  • Phone: (303) 979-4120