Planning is a structured, rational approach to solving problems that requires experience, analysis, intuition and inspiration. Planners help decision makers identify problems, develop solutions and compare the importance of the inevitable conflicting values inherent in any solution.

Planning in the Omaha District

Planning in the Omaha District plays a vital role in supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' civil works water resources development mission. Members of a Corps planning team are professionals with expertise in water resources planning, including plan formulation, environmental evaluation, cultural resources evaluation, Civil Works policy, and public involvement.

In addition to possessing knowledge, skills and insights, Corps planners seek input from the public (homeowners, businesses, environmental advocates, Native American Tribes and interest groups) and agencies (federal, state, regional and local) to arrive at a solution for a water resource issue. Examples of water resource issues include flooding, degraded ecosystems, and streambank erosion.

The Omaha District can assist local communities with water resource issues, large or small, through the use of various Corps Project Authorities.