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  • State, federal partners finalize Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project with environmental, agricultural, recreational benefits

    After more than three decades of collaborating with state and federal entities, including local water providers, Chatfield Reservoir will begin storing up to an additional 20,600 acre-feet of water this spring.
  • Tri-Lakes Dams capture 25,000 acre feet of runoff

    Heavy rain and mountain snowmelt runoff since the beginning of May have produced high flows along the South Platte River in Colorado and its contributing tributary streams. The three Denver-area dams operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District and referred to as the Tri-Lakes Projects are Chatfield, Cherry Creek, and Bear Creek Dams. These three reservoirs have captured a combined 25,000 acre-feet of flood water during this period. The combined storage capacity of these three reservoirs is nearly 314,000 acre feet of water.
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army approves water reallocation agreement for Colorado

    The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Jo-Ellen Darcy, approved the water reallocation agreement for the Chatfield Water Reallocation Project in Lakewood, Colorado, in a memo sent to the Omaha District on September 30. Signature authority for the agreement was delegated to Omaha District Commander Col.Joel R. Cross.
  • What's in the Final Chatfield Reservoir Storage Reallocation Reports?

    The Final Chatfield Reservoir Storage Reallocation Feasibility Report/Environmental Impact Statement (FR/EIS) was released for public review on August 2. Following the scheduled September 3 close of the public comment period, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District will prepare a submittal package with a recommended action for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works to approve. The Corps was required to provide an Environmental Impact Statement, which outlines the potential impacts to the environment and existing purpose of the project as well as provide solutions for minimizing or mitigating those impacts.
  • Chatfield Reservoir Storage Reallocation Reports available for public review

    The Final Feasibility Study / Environmental Impact Statement for the Chatfield Reservoir Storage Reallocation, Littleton, Colo. is available for review. The final report identifies and compares four main alternatives and outlines in detail the preferred alternative for reallocating storage space in the Chatfield Reservoir for joint flood control- conservation purposes, including storage for municipal and industrial water supply, agriculture, environmental restoration and recreation and fishery habitat protection and enhancement.