Emergency Management News

Emergency Management

Emergency Management provides engineering services to respond to national and natural disasters to minimize damages and help in recovery efforts.

Public Law 84-99 enables USACE to assist state and local authorities in flood fight activities and cost share in the repair of flood protection structures.

Public Law 93-288 authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to task USACE with disaster recovery missions under the Federal Response Plan.

Annual Spring Runoff

The runoff season in the Missouri River basin typically begins around March 1.

Flooding Response
The Omaha District's flooding response authority is for areas north of Rulo, Neb. For areas south of Rulo in Kansas and Missouri, visit the Kansas City District's website.  

2021 Flood Fight Training

    Overview of USACE Flood Fight Authorities

     Levee Safety Program Update

    2022 Missouri River Basin Flood Outlook

     Missouri River Basin Water Management

     Flood Fighting and Surveillance 

     Flood Fighting Equipment

     Virtual Flood Fight Training 2021


Disaster Response


The Omaha District Contracting Office provides information for contractors as well as links to FedBizOps for disaster related contracting opportunities from the Omaha District.

The Omaha District Regulatory Office provides guidance for performing work that may affect waterways of the U.S. Special permitting requirements during or following will be announced through the District Regulatory Office 


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