Project Reports

Supplemental Environmental Assessment - WBI Energy Transmission Inc., Cabin Creek – Williston Mainline Pipeline Relocation, McKenzie and Williams Counties, North Dakota

Published Sept. 2, 2015
Expiration date: 10/2/2015

Summary: The proposed project would reroute part of an existing natural gas pipeline, which provides natural gas to customers in northweestern North Dakota, in a southeast/northwest diagonal, crossing 0.8 miles of private land on its north end, 3.45 miles of Corps land through its center, and 0.25 miles of private land on its south end. The purpose of the project is to relocate existing pipeline segments to avoid conflicts with the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s U.S. Highway 85 Expansion Project; allow for cost effective maintenance of the pipeline without compromising the integrity and use of the new highway; and replace the existing Missouri River crossing of the pipeline. Currently, the existing pipeline is attached to the Lewis and Clark Bridge spanning the Missouri River/Lake Sakakawea.

Construction methods would include surveying and staking; clearing and grading; pipe stringing, bending, and welding; trenching, lowering, and backfilling; and hydrostatic testing.

Geographic Scope: McKenzie and Williams Counties, North Dakota

Impacts: None 

Decision/Date: Made following close of public comment period.