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Shell Creek Levee Project at Schuyler, Nebraska

Published March 5, 2013
Proposed Shell Creek levee alignment in Schuyler, Nebraska

Proposed Shell Creek levee alignment in Schuyler, Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. - The city of Schuyler, the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District, and the Corps of Engineers are partnering on a project to reduce flood risks within Schuyler, Neb. A feasibility study (completed in September 2011) identified an economically feasible project consisting of two levee systems, one for the Shell Creek and one for the Platte River. The first phase of this project is to address flood threats in northern and eastern Schuyler posed by Shell Creek. The final design of a levee to address this threat is nearing completion, and the city of Schuyler is initiating work with local landowners to secure necessary rights-of-way along the levee alignment.

The Shell Creek levee alignment (image included with this release) shows the levee alignment as depicted in the current version of the plans. Please note that detailed design data collected after the completion of the feasibility study (topographic surveys, subsurface soils, utilities, etc.) resulted in some revisions to the original levee alignment depicted in the feasibility study report. In addition, on-going coordination with the Nebraska Department of Roads and the Union Pacific Railroad has resulted in some additional modifications. 

The current project schedule calls for completion of final levee design plans and specifications by early May, with the advertisement of the construction contract to proceed by late June. Bids by interested contractors are anticipated in July, with award of a levee construction contract expected in late August. Depending on mobilization time, construction work could begin on the levee in fall 2013 and construction would be completed by fall 2014.

Maggie Oldham

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