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Corps of Engineers begins construction at Holmes Lake

Published Sept. 29, 2020
Updated: Sept. 29, 2020

LINCOLN, Neb.—The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is modifying a portion of the dam embankment at Salt Creek Dam Site 17, commonly referred to as Holmes Lake in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The project is not considered to be an emergency repair; however, the work is necessary to bring its design up to current industry standards.

Construction involves excavating an area around the discharge conduit on the downstream side of the dam, installing a sand filter and drainage layer around the conduit, and building a stability berm over the downstream portion of the conduit. In addition to access restrictions across the dam embankment during construction, the Corps is assessing if it will be necessary to temporarily lower the reservoirs as much as 1.5 feet to facilitate construction activities.

To ensure the safety of the public during construction activities, the City of Lincoln has temporarily closed the recreational trail on the dam crest until construction is completed. Construction at Site 17 (Holmes) is tentatively scheduled for completion on Nov. 10.

Similar modifications have recently been completed at Dam Site 8 (Wagon Train), Dam Site 9 (Stagecoach) and Dam Site 12 (Connestoga). Modifications are also scheduled to take place over the next several weeks at Dam Site 2 (Olive Creek) and Dam Site 14 (Pawnee).

Release no. 20-140